British American Tobacco Italy: new executives on board, new factory on the ground

Italian company British and American Cigarettes (BATItalia) as the new chief executive officer and president, and the establishment of a new factory to produce “new categories of low-risk goods”.
According to Italian media reports, Fabio de Petris (FabiodePetris) British and American cigarettes Italian company (BATItalia) new chief executive officer (CEO), Alessandro Bertolini Nittori Bertolini Nittori Alessandro Bertolini (Alessandro Bertolini) will be at the same time as him as the President of the company.

Fabio de Petris, a 50-year-old native of Naples, holds key positions at BATItalia. After graduating from the University of Naples Federico II in 2011 with a degree in Economics, he joined BAT as Regional Manager of Trade Marketing and Distribution, respectively, in Middle Italy. Prior to that, he gained extensive FMCG experience in companies such as Colgate Palmolive and SABMiller.


Fabio de Petris was Marketing Director for BATItalia and LuckyStrike & Senior International Brand Manager for Rothmans. In September 2018, he was appointed Marketing Director for BAT’s Turkey, Caucasus, and North Africa cluster and became China Director for Italy in December 2019, until his current position.

Fabio de Petris said he was proud to continue the work of his predecessor for the sake of Trieste Trieste Tris. (Trieste) contributed to the development of the Innovation Center as a potential low-risk product and BAT’s digital transformation innovation lab.

On June 23, the production plant reportedly worked on new low-risk goods in SanDorligoDellaValle, Trieste.BAT will invest up to €500 million over the next five years and expects to create around 2,700 direct and indirect jobs. In 2022 alone, the company is investing €30 million in 7,000 tons of premium Italian cigarettes to support 400 companies and 6,000 employees.

In a statement, the company wrote: “Under his leadership, BATItalia will continue to pursue its Better Tomorrow strategy, reducing the role of its business in health and the environment and committing to a better, greener, fairer, more innovative and more inclusive future for its employees, shareholders, consumers, and communities.” more inclusive future.” “This job enhances the company’s character as a company with an Italian base but with an international perspective.”

Alessandro Bertolini will serve as president of BATItalia and co-lead the company with Fabio de Petris. He holds a degree from the University of Bologna School of Law at Louisiana State University and an LL.M. from the Paul M. Hebert School of Law at LSU. He joined BATItalia as Legal Director in 2011, after working for FataGroup, Italian multinationals such as Piaggio and Tecnimont, where he served as Senior Legal Counsel for 20 years. Prior to his appointment as President, he was Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations and Vice President of BAT Italia. The governance structure of BAT Trieste has also been revised and consolidated: Andrea Di Paolo as President and Alberto Prudente as the new CEO.



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