Breaking news: U.S. Customs has seized hundreds of tons of Vape for review

On June 15, it was learned from those in the know that the U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP) is currently investigating e-cigarette forwarders in Los Angeles and has intercepted several hundred tons of e-cigarette products.

According to those in the know, this inspection has lasted for four days, a number of freight forwarding companies were investigated, seized hundreds of tons of electronic cigarette products, mainly to check whether the goods are tax evasion and customs declarations and goods are consistent.


It is understood that Los Angeles as a transit point for e-cigarettes to the U.S. states, transport costs are cheap, is the preferred site for freight forwarders to save costs.

The person in the know said, “At present, a week of gray off the market electronic cigarettes can not be transferred from Los Angeles.”