Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

1. Safer than smoking: The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have said that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking cigarettes. e-cigarettes are “at least 95% less harmful” according to PHE. This is because vaping does not burn, so there is no smoke, which is responsible for producing the tar and carbon monoxide that cause most of the long-term health damage caused by smoking. The health benefits of being smoke-free include improved lung and heart function, and even improved sense of smell and taste.

2, no odor: One of the biggest benefits of e-cigarettes is that you and your clothes, house, and car will no longer smell like smoke. E-cigarettes have an aroma, but it’s far from the smell of stale smoke and cigarette butts. In fact, even tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes don’t smell like burning tobacco. For most people, the smell of vapor is almost imperceptible. You might even get compliments!

3. Control nicotine intake: E-cigarettes give you complete control over your nicotine dose. E-cigarette oils are available in a wide range of strengths, from zero nicotine to high nicotine levels. You can choose exactly how much nicotine to use in your e-cigarette – or no nicotine at all. Most e-cigarette users tend to start with high nicotine levels and then gradually reduce their strength to the point of eliminating nicotine altogether.

4. Control vapor output: E-cigarettes allow you to control the amount of vapor exhaled, which is a major part of the experience. Some vapers prefer smaller devices like podvapes for convenience and low vapor volume, while others prefer high-powered mods to chase the clouds. Adjusting the power output, airflow and coil type allows you to further fine-tune the amount of vapor, which can also affect the flavor. You can be subtle and stealthy, or you can show off as much as you want, depending on how you choose to use your e-cigarette.

5. Flavors for every taste: E-juice has an almost endless list of flavors to choose from. Some of the most popular flavor categories are fruit, desserts, beverages, menthol and menthol, and tobacco. If you don’t like commercially available products, you can make your own e-juice!

6. Instant gratification: While advanced e-cigarettes may require initial tinkering, there are many simpler products that can be pre-filled and ready to use. Either way, once the vape is ready, it’s as simple as pushing a button or drawing on the device (some have an auto-extraction feature). While all e-cigarette devices require rechargeable batteries and e-cigarette oil to continue working, regular e-cigarettes allow you to use them 24/7 with no maintenance or upkeep required.

7. Price point per wallet: The e-cigarette market is large and competitive. There are many products in every price range (from $10 to hundreds of dollars) to meet the needs of almost any user. Whether you want a simple disposable e-cigarette or a complex vapemod and premium e-cigarette oil, get started with a vape today.

8. No experience required: Sure, you can still develop a hobby of collecting e-cigarette devices or learning how to build your own coils, but as a newbie, you can also get a great feel for the e-cigarette experience right away. Between starter kits for newbies and simple podvapes, there are also many quality e-cigarette products that don’t require previous experience.

9.Access and availability: Today, you can find quality e-cigarette products at e-cigarette stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and even smoke stores. There are also online e-cigarette stores that can ship e-cigarette products directly to your doorstep.