Australia’s total ban on disposable head sellers: will not close business will go “underground” operation

Australia will completely ban disposable e-cigarette products, and many distributors say they will not shut down their e-cigarette business, but will move to “underground” sales and tell customers to stock up quickly.
According to foreign media NEWS report, along with the implementation of Australia’s e-cigarette regulatory policy, the country’s e-cigarettes and other related products to implement a total ban on the sale of only allow individuals to buy prescription e-cigarettes. Faced with this situation, e-cigarette dealers say they will not leave and will look for opportunities to move into “underground” sales to stay in business.
Some dealers are warning customers of possible price increases and making it clear that they are stocking up as soon as possible. NEWS has learned that a well-known Sydney e-cigarette distributor sent an email to customers. The email reads:
Dear Valued Customer, I wanted to update you on the current enforcement situation in our industry. It has recently come to our attention that a competitor has been arrested for selling e-cigarettes. As a result, we are currently in a period of uncertainty and I am making it clear that you stock up while you can still purchase. On top of that, our prices are set to increase due to supply and demand, so now is the best time to buy our e-cigarettes at the best prices.”

A reputable e-cigarette distributor issued an email to customers, making it clear that they are hurrying to stock up
Media NEWS has asked the state authorities about the arrests, but has not received a response.
On TikTok, a number of vendors posted videos stating they would not shut down their businesses because of the new regulatory measures.
Among them, one national distributor posted a video in late May that featured a great quote from Jaden Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the classic movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” directed by Scorsese, with the caption, “Customers ask if we are stopping sales because of the new e-cigarette law “. The video shows DiCaprio shouting angrily over pictures of wholesale e-cigarettes, “I’m **** not leaving!” (“I’mnotf***ingleaving!”)
There are other videos that also reportedly treat these laws in a playful manner and make it clear that they have no intention of shutting down their business.
Policy Background:
Australian Health Minister Mark Butler said on May 1 that government agencies will implement a number of initiatives to restrict over-the-counter e-cigarette products. These initiatives include banning the importation of over-the-counter e-cigarette products, setting minimum quality standards, limiting e-cigarette flavors, outer package colors and other ingredients, and requiring packaging similar to that of pharmaceuticals. In addition, nicotine concentration and volume will be reduced, and disposable e-cigarette products will be explicitly banned.