Attacks on vape shops in Massachusetts: teenage gangs are being hunted by police

A group of teenagers went on to burgle vape shops, attracting the attention of police. Shop owners have called for increased vigilance after two shops were robbed by broken Windows. Although they failed to break into one of the stores, the damage was about $2,500. The owner said the same thieves may have tried to break into other stores as well.


As CBS News recently reported, police in Woburn County, Massachusetts, USA, are arresting a group of teenagers who broke into a vape shop. In the past few days, they have attacked two stores, and there may be similar operations in other cities.


“I noticed there was a rock in the doorway and my door was smashed full of holes,” said MikePortelle, owner of the cigarette and vape shop.


On a surveillance screen on December 28, we can see the youths trying to break into the store in Wobenport. They repeatedly tried to throw stones at the front door. Although they didn’t manage to break into the store, they lost about $2,500.


Portell explained: “I used a special type of glass so they couldn’t get through the triple glass door.


Woburn police said two days earlier, the same group of teens broke into another vape shop in the same way. They managed to enter the store and steal merchandise and cash.


“Vape shops don’t have insurance. We find it difficult to get insurance, so we all pay for it ourselves a few days after Christmas.” “Because we are a vape shop, there are a lot of negative comments around, but that doesn’t stop us from being vigilant because this area needs more attention,” Mr. Portell said.


Portell believes the same thieves may also have tried to break into a Framingham store. We are trying to get video information from the police about the case. However, Portell says he has seen it.


“What I noticed was that the kids standing in front of my store were wearing the same sneakers, the same jeans, the same sweatshirts, and jackets,” Portell added…