ASH release: 4.7 million UK e-cigarette users by 2023

As reported in the August 10 issue of Planetofthevapes, Action on Smoking and Health in the UK has released a fact sheet summarizing its latest findings on e-cigarettes among adults in the UK and describing adult behaviors and preferences for e-cigarettes. The data shows that in 2023, the number of e-cigarette smokers in the UK will be 4.7 million, of which 50% will be oil-filled, 31% will be disposable, and 17% will be flex e-cigarettes.

According to the survey data, the proportion of the UK population using e-cigarettes is at a record high of 9.1% this year, with around 4.7 million adults, of which 2.7 million (56%) have quit smoking. There are still 1.7 million people (37%) who smoke; 320,000 (1.1%) are current e-cigarette users; and 6.7% of e-cigarette users have never smoked traditional tobacco.


The main reasons smokers quit: I believe 31% to help them quit, 22% to prevent relapse, 14% to enjoy the experience, and 12% to save money. The main reasons smokers use e-cigarettes: to reduce smoking by 19%, to help quit by 17%, and to avoid relapse by 13%. The main reasons for choosing e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco: 39% enjoyed the experience, 27% just to try it.


According to survey data, the most common type of e-cigarette device in terms of devices and products used continues to be oil-filled devices. Currently, 50% of e-cigarette users report that this type is their key device. Utilization of disposable e-cigarettes among UK adults was 15% in 2022, and this figure rises to 31% in 2023, doubling year-on-year.17% of e-cigarette users use flex e-cigarettes.


The use of disposable e-cigarettes is increasing rapidly among adults aged 18-24. By 2023, more than half (57%) of e-cigarette users will have disposable as their primary type.


Currently, the majority of adults use smoke tar concentrations below 13 mg/mL, 1.2% of e-cigarette users use e-liquid above the legal limit of 20 mg/ml, and 13% do not know what strength e-liquid they are using.


The study also identified reasons why smokers have not tried e-cigarettes: 1.8 million (27%) smokers have not tried e-cigarettes; 20% say they don’t want to replace one addiction with another; 9.0% say they are not addicted to smoking and don’t need help to quit; 14% are concerned about the safety of e-cigarettes; 13% say they don’t believe e-cigarettes will help them quit smoking or cut back on smoking; and 8.4% said they did not know enough about e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes.