Argentinian Police Seize Motorcycle with Cannabis Haul Valued at $153,000

In a recent operation along the Paraná River in the town of Eldorado, Misiones Province, Argentinian police discovered a motorcycle transporting a significant quantity of cannabis. The motorcycle, found along the riverbank, contained 66 packages of cannabis with an estimated total value of approximately 54 million Argentinian Pesos (equivalent to around $153,000 USD).

Authorities promptly reported the discovery to federal prosecutors, leading to the seizure of both the cannabis packages and the motorcycle involved in the illicit transportation.

The confiscated items have been transferred to the police station for further legal proceedings, with the court overseeing the case. Law enforcement is actively conducting an investigation to identify and apprehend those involved in the drug trafficking operation. The seizure reflects the ongoing efforts of authorities to combat illegal drug activities in the region.

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