Argentina: Smokers think vapes are healthier than cigarettes

Argentina has banned the import and sale of e-cigarette advertising, but many smokers still believe it is healthier than traditional smoking. Health experts say the health effects of vapes are as serious as smoking.

Since 2011, Argentina’s National Agency for Pharmaceutical Products (ANMAT) has banned the import, distribution, marketing, and promotion of vapes, but there, the habit of using vapes has become entrenched among smokers who believe they are healthier than smoking.


In an interview with MitreMardelPlata radio station UPM, health expert Fortina detailed that when e-cigarettes first appeared, everyone would use them as a smoking cessation supplement until smokers quit. “But people use vpaes all the time. Of course, it’s just as harmful as smoking. It can lead to cardiovascular events, lung damage, high blood pressure, severe pneumonia with respiratory failure and even death, and cancers of the mouth, mouth and throat.”.


“There are some very important things in smoking cessation treatment, and one of them is addiction itself, which is guided by transmitters, chemicals that have a constant supply and demand in our brain,” the expert explains. In this vicious circle, it will give you a request, give you a sense of satisfaction, and then make another request. Another very important part is behavior, like what you have in your hand, smoking after dinner, smoking after getting in the car. These habits related to behavior must be dealt with in another way.”


According to one study, 37 percent of U.S. middle school teens have tried e-cigarettes and marijuana vapes. This is a significant increase in adolescents, but in adolescents, the damage is more severe.