Analyst survey: Kingdom Cigarettes overall rated ‘good’

ImperialBrands shares, which are expected to grow 26.1 percent according to analysts’ forecasts, are considered undervalued and have received positive reviews.


According to the German Stock News reported on December 26, according to the recommendations made by analysts in the past 12 months, the situation of Kingdom cigarettes is as follows: the overall evaluation is “good”, of which 5 buys, 1 is neutral, and 0 are sell ratings.


On average, the target share price of Kingdom Cigarettes is 2,293.75 yuan. Due to the recent share price of 1819 yuan, the share price will increase by 26.1%. So, the stock is rated “good.” Overall, the analysts’ research elicited “good” reviews.


Investor sentiment is based on discussions and interactions on social media by market participants related to the stock market. Over the past two weeks, discussions about Kingdom cigarettes have been particularly positive. Over the past ten days, the sentiment index was in green, with no negative discussions recorded. Overall, investors were neutral over the four days.


According to the price-to-earnings ratio (KGV), the kingdom’s cigarette evaluation indicator is called undervalued. The KGV is 7.21, which is 70% lower than the average for the “cigarette” industry overall, with a KGV of 23.76. Against this backdrop, the stock is rated “good” from a fundamental analysis point of view.


Relative strength index (RSI) compared with time, the rise of underlying assets, and reduction are good indicators of overbought or oversold stocks. For the past 7 days, the RSI value of Kingdom Cigarettes shares is 37. On this basis, the stock is neither overbought nor oversold, thus receiving a “neutral” rating.


The 7-day RSI was compared to the 25-day RSI value (55.11). On a 25-day basis, Kingdom cigarettes are neither overbought nor oversold (value: 55.11). Therefore, from the perspective of RSI evaluation, Kingdom cigarettes are rated as “neutral”.