An Australian dealer was fined $88,000 for selling vape

On May 12, a dealer in Queensland, Australia, was fined $88,000 for selling vape containing nicotine, according to Australian media outlet ABC.

The dealer reportedly belongs to M & R Trading Pty Ltd and trades in vaping under the name Zam Zam Supermarket. In May last year, a complaint was filed by the community where the dealer was located. After receiving the complaint, authorities confiscated 45,000 vapes and fined A$88,000.

It is understood that unless purchased with a prescription, the sale of nicotine-containing vape is illegal in Queensland, and because nicotine is a regulated poison, regulators can enforce it.v

In response to the illegal sales by this distributor, a statement from the Department of Public Health said, “During sentencing, the magistrate cited statements indicating that children were buying vape from the business and condemned this behavior, which exposes young people to avoidable health risks.”

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The Australian federal government recently announced that vape can only be purchased by prescription in pharmacies in Australia and that retail sales of the vape are banned, along with colorful packaging and flavor additives.