Advantages of pulmonary and oral inhalation

What is oral smoking of e-cigarettes?

Mouth smoking is the same as how we normally smoke, we inhale the gas into our mouth first and then into our lungs, this way is usually used by smokers who have switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, so this way is perfect for beginners. If you go to buy an e-cigarette, the store will usually advise beginners to inhale first when using an e-cigarette for the first time.


Similar to smoking a cigarette

Less effort

Less consumption of tobacco oil

Stronger impact

Better flavor

What is a lung inhalation e-cigarette?

Lung inhalation is a method of inhalation that does not stay in the mouth but directly into the lungs. It is recommended that users try lung vaping slowly after getting used to oral inhalation.


More smoke volume

Smooth impact

Good taste

After getting used to using e-cigarettes, people often mix the two methods, and it is more important to find the one you like to enjoy a different e-cigarette experience.