U.S. International Trade Commission: about 400 million e-cigarettes imported from White Pass in 2022 is Chicago’s largest port

According to statistics, in 2022, there will be approximately 400 million white-gate imported e-cigarettes in the U.S. 99% of imported vapes come from China.
Recently, according to the data released by the U.S. International Trade Commission, there are two areas of data that are of interest regarding the percentage of e-cigarette imports. One is the proportion of e-cigarette imports by state, and the other is the proportion of e-cigarette imports from the top five ports.

According to statistics, in 2022, there are about 400 million white customers imported e-cigarettes into the United States, and 99% of the imported e-cigarette products come from China. Among them, Chicago, Illinois is the most important e-cigarette distribution port in the U.S. More than 50% of e-cigarettes from Chicago into the U.S. after the radiation to the eastern and intermediate markets of the United States throughout the Great Lakes region.

Los Angeles port is located in the United States, the second largest e-cigarette distribution port on the west coast of California, more than 30% of the e-cigarettes through Los Angeles into the U.S. market, the Los Angeles port has become the core of the western United States e-cigarette import ports.

The other two ports with an annual import size of more than 10 million are New York, New York, and Savannah, Georgia. Miami, Florida, Norfolk, Virginia, Seattle, Washington annual import size of million.

Beginning in February of this year, the proportion of e-cigarettes imported from Los Angeles ports began to decline, accounting for only 5-12 percent of U.S. imports. San Francisco in California, another port of entry proportion rose from less than 1% in January to 8.4% in May, temporarily becoming the third largest port of import of electronic cigarettes in the United States.

Chicago was also the No. 1 port, with the highest percentage at 84 percent.