A store in the UK has been ordered to close for three months for selling illegal vapes

According to the official website of the British Coventry City government reported on December 18, after an investigation by the city government, a shop in the city of Coventry was found to have been selling illegal cigarette and vape brands and has been ordered to close for three months.

The store is the second in Coventry to be shut down for selling illegal cigarettes and the first to be shut down for selling illegal vapes.

Despite previous warnings to the store and requests for interviews, the store has persisted in selling illegal cigarettes, vapes, and other goods. As a result, the city’s trading standards team applied to the court on Monday 18 December 2023 for a closure order and it was granted.

These products are inexpensive and offer less of a disincentive to high-priced smoking in children, prompting them to start smoking earlier. Shops selling illegal cigarettes not only contribute to the occurrence of anti-social behavior but also cause problems for local communities as these shops often attract large numbers of young people.

AbdulSalamKhan, city leader and cabinet member in charge of security said: “This is the second time that our municipality has issued such an order banning the sale of illegal vapes. This is the first time we are very satisfied that the court has upheld our closure order.”

He stressed that this was not an easy decision, but the result of a long investigation and a warning to the shop owner.

“There are many adverse effects from the sale of illegal cigarette products and vapes in many communities. Our actions are putting all those involved in this trade on notice. We will use all available resources to protect the residents of our city.”

The store has been ordered to close completely for three months and no one has been allowed to enter or remain in the store.