A special committee of the Thai Parliament has re-evaluated the regulations on vapes and legalized the new tobacco

Thailand’s House of Representatives has formed a special committee to re-evaluate the legal framework and control measures for new tobacco. Despite the ban, new tobacco and vapes are still popular in Thailand.

As early as September 27, 2023, Thailand’s House of Representatives passed a recommendation to establish a special committee to re-evaluate the legal framework and control measures for e-cigarettes and new tobacco. So far, the committee has held six meetings to discuss various issues with the product, including its use by young people.


At a meeting, Thailand’s special committee admitted that new tobacco was being sold through smuggling as usual and that the number of users of vapes was increasing despite being banned since 2014. This creates a lot of difficulties for the Thai government in tax collection, anti-corruption combating the black market, dealing with product quality, or limiting access to young people.


JiratThongsuwan MP of the Progressive Forward party raised the question: Why is new tobacco illegal while regular tobacco is legal?


What’s more, the consequences of banning new tobacco have created legal loopholes that exacerbate corruption, smuggling, bribery, and corruption among Thai officials. In addition, not all tourists are aware of Thailand’s ban on new tobacco, as these products are still sold and displayed openly.


Earlier, Thailand’s Minister for Digital Economy and Society, ChaiwutThanakamanusorn, said a total ban on new tobacco was not the best solution for the country in the current social context. Chai said the legalization of the product would bring tax revenue to the government and set standards for the tobacco industry.


From the above behavior, some predict that Thailand may be the next China to consider legalizing new tobacco and serve the strategy of reducing the harm of cigarettes according to its national policy.