A RAYNER CLOUD Labour backs Rishi Sunak’s smoking ban – with Angela Rayner swapping the fags for a vape

LABOUR last night backed Rishi Sunak’s smoking ban – and it seems even Angela Rayner has ditched the fags.

The deputy leader was spotted discreetly puffing on a vape at the party’s conference yesterday.

She has previously been caught taking a cheeky drag of a cigarette but now appears to have kicked the habit.

Yesterday Rachel Reeves said the party supported the Tories’ plan to abolish smoking.

But she added: “However, I do fear for the Conservative Party.

“With such a shortage of fag packets, what on earth are they going to write their next policy on?”

Rishi Sunak is mounting an historic crackdown on cigarettes by raising the legal age every year until there are no smokers left.

“And that is smoking, and our country. Smoking causes, one in four cancer deaths.”

He said his plans would mean a 14-year-old today will never legally be sold a cigarette.