A number of vape shops in Guam closed their doors to protest the “ban” proposal

In protest of several bills banning the sale of vape brands, several vaping shops in Guam will close on January 4.

Recently, according to Guampdn reports, the local vape shop VapeEscape in Guam stated on Thursday (Jan 4) to close several vape shops in Guam, opposing a bill that proposes to ban the sale of certain e-cigarette brands.


Earlier, Guam Senator Tom Fisher proposed banning the sale of fruit and snack e-vape products, which have become extremely popular in recent years. Fisher said the ban is aimed at reducing sales of children’s e-cigarette brands.


If the proposal becomes law, any retailer violating the ban would be fined $500 for the first time and up to $2,000 for subsequent violations.


According to a statement from VapeEscape, Thursday’s coordinated action to close vape stores represents the industry’s opposition to legislation that could threaten the safety, legal purchase, and availability of e-cigarette brands.


Participating e-cigarette retailers and industry stakeholders stressed that this temporary closure action strongly represents unity and consistency within the industry. By uniting, they highlight the value that e-cigarette brands bring to adult smokers as they seek to reduce alternatives.


“As responsible members of the e-cigarette community, we are taking practical action to draw attention to the importance of reasonable laws and regulations.” If this negligent legislation passes, many adult customers will be harmed.” TheseusMendiola, a small business owner and operator of the Vapeescape store, said: “We are willing to sit down with policymakers to explore how to balance public health concerns and adult consumer choices.”