A Growing Challenge: Thailand’s Changing Landscape Amid Loosened Cannabis Restrictions

In June 2022, Thailand significantly relaxed restrictions on cannabis, initially intended for medical use only. However, cannabis shops have sprung up throughout bustling Bangkok. Meanwhile, the number of cannabis addicts has surged, reshaping Thai society.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

Temples in Bangkok offer free 15-day rehabilitation programs for drug addicts. Participants consume herbal tea and engage in saunas daily. The room, accommodating around 20 people, gets crowded.

Rehab attendees also gather on the building’s second floor for chanting and meditation. This program, in existence for over 60 years, continues to help many. Since cannabis was removed from the controlled substance list in June, patient numbers have continuously risen. Many innocent children are becoming involved in cannabis.

According to Dr. Amon from Chulalongkorn University, the legalization of cannabis signifies an economic revival. Thailand’s tourism industry, deeply impacted by the pandemic, received a significant blow.

Following the removal of cannabis from the controlled substances list in Thailand, regulations became hazy amid national elections and government changes. During this chaos, the “green wave” extended hundreds of kilometers north of Bangkok.

In the outskirts of Thailand’s second-largest city, Chiang Mai, this farmer immediately switched one-third of his land from vegetables to cannabis cultivation after legalization. Sales increased three to four times, and he hired eight more employees. The farmer obtained government permission to grow cannabis.

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