5000 puffs of Vape equals a couple of smoke bombs?

In recent years, e-cigarettes have gradually come into the public eye, becoming a new type of tobacco product that has attracted a lot of attention, and the most commonly used is the cartridge e-cigarette product. Unknown to many people, they do not know the usage and lifespan of e-cigarettes, and they are even more confused about the usage of 5000 puffs as an indicator. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to study such issues from different perspectives.

The first step is to understand the composition and structure of the e-cigarette. E-cigarette products are divided into three parts: the battery case, the cartridge and the mouthpiece. Among them, the cartridge is the part loaded with liquid smoke, the battery case is the power source of the whole e-cigarette product, and the mouthpiece is the part that spits out smoke. In the cartridge, the liquid is the core part of concern, which consists of flavorings, glycerin, propylene glycol and other ingredients. When the e-cigarette product is heated, the battery generates electrons, which flow through the coils of the cartridge, vaporizing the flavorings and other liquid components, and finally generating smoke.

To answer the question “how many cartridges are equivalent to 5000 puffs”, we need to study the life span of the cartridges. Usually, the life span of a cartridge is based on the number of puffs taken. Different types of cartridges have different lifespans, but the conventional lifespan is usually 300-400 puffs. The number of puffs you can take with a single cartridge is usually determined by the number of puffs each person takes and the amount of suction power in each puff. However, we can roughly estimate that within the lifetime of the cartridge, if each puff lasts 2-3 seconds and each puff has a strong suction power, you can smoke about 250-350 puffs with one cartridge.

In this case, using 5000 puffs as a base, how many cartridges do we need to use? According to our estimation above, if one cartridge can be used to smoke about 250-350 puffs, the number of cartridges we need to use is about 14-20. Of course, each person’s smoking habits and the brand quality of the cartridges will also affect this figure.
As a new type of tobacco product, e-cigarette products need to pay attention to some problems in use. The first step is that you need to choose the regular brand of cigarette cartridges to ensure the quality and safety of use. On the other hand, the service life of cigarette cartridges is usually 300-400 times, which needs to be replaced in time; at the same time, don’t touch the cartridges with your fingers to avoid damage.

Comprehensive analysis of the above we can see that with 5000 mouth equivalent to a few smoke bombs, need to consider a variety of factors, but generally can be estimated as 14-20 pieces.