3 steps to teach you to easily handle the replacement of vapes oil guide cotton

Although disposable vapes are now prevalent, there are still many vape enthusiasts who prefer DIY atomizers. However, if you need to replace the oil guide cotton in the process of a DIY atomizer, what should you do? Do not worry, next, I will introduce you to a simple 3-step method!

1, prepare the commonly used oil guide cotton, such as unmarked cotton. Use scissors to cut the cotton into a specific shape, do not completely cut off, retain a little on top. Depending on the diameter of the atomizer cut into almost 14 to 15 cotton. For example, if the diameter is 3.5 turns, you can use 14 strips, if the diameter is 3.0 turns, you can use 15 strips.

2, do not discard the used heating wire, but also as a tool. Remove the non-woven fabric on both sides of the cotton, fold the cotton in half, and then fold the heating wire in half, and get ready for threading.

3, the heating wire will be placed just in the middle of the cotton, followed by gently pulling the cotton sideways to make it lose. Do not have to be too neat, because the mouth suction guide oil requirements are not high. This is done!

See, some people may say that this method may not be accurate because different atomizer structure is different, and the amount of poorly controlled cotton will lead to cotton paste wick oil leakage and other phenomena. But in fact, I used this method on 11 mouth atomizers with no problem at all, you can follow my above size corresponding to the diameter of the atomizer, do not use too much power, and there will be no cotton paste core situation. As for the oil leakage, you only need to plug the cotton to guide the oil hole, you do not need to fill the cotton slot. In practice, even the big smoke atomizer can also use this method, the resistance value of 0.4 or more, and the highest power open to 4.5V are no problem.

This method is the easiest and most efficient way to wear cotton, compared with the traditional method, no scissors, no need to play thin line feet, etc., just need to prepare the cotton, need to replace, tear it off a, rinse the atomizer with water, replace the cotton is complete, very simple!

In addition to the need to note that the replacement cycle of the electronic cigarette oil guide cotton should be based on the color of the purchased vape oil. If you want to save some time, you can try to choose a lighter color, less carbon accumulation of vape oil. For users who like dark-colored vape oil, be sure to pay attention to replacing the oil guide cotton every 3 days to avoid unexpected situations. And for users who use less, almost once a week to replace the oil guide cotton can be, if accidentally oil guide cotton paste, should be replaced immediately.

There is no harm in replacing the oil guide cotton often, but rather to enjoy the freshest taste and exercise the proficiency of the use of electronic cigarettes. The experience we gain in the process of choosing an electronic cigarette is gained through these disassembly and replacement, just in time to improve our skills and become a master of electronic cigarette technology in the future.